Children in—or at risk of involvement in—the child welfare and juvenile justice systems need solutions.  They need solutions that prevent them from entering the system; solutions that provide better services when they are involved; solutions that support them and their families so that they go home and stay there.

Children’s exposure to violence is a national crisis and a threat to the health and well-being of Philadelphia’s children. Though in the past Stoneleigh has invested in violence prevention, in 2013 the Stoneleigh board added Youth Violence Prevention to our funding priorities. In doing so, the Board of Directors recognized that the fundamental civil right of safety, was an elusive right for too many of our youth. In supporting fellowships for social change, we cannot ignore the injustice of living in a persistently violent neighborhood. Thus, in addition to child welfare and juvenile justice, the Foundation will seek fellows who want to test, demonstrate and redefine how systems act together to reduce the impact of violence on our youth.

Stoneleigh's solution is to offer fellowships for individuals who know how to bridge gaps—knowledge gaps through research, service gaps by connecting systems operating in silos, policy gaps through work to correct unintended consequences or rectify outdated ideas. You can read more about our fellowships and fellows here.

Child Welfare

Over 400,000 children are in foster care in the United States, including 61,000 who are in a group home or institution.

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Juvenile Justice

While the past few decades have brought reforms to the juvenile justice system, the United States still incarcerates more of its youth than any country in the world.

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Youth Violence Prevention






Across America, children are witnessing and experiencing violence at alarming rates. Exposure to violence is a national crisis that affects approximately two out of every three of our children.

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