Why Fellows

Because we believe in the power of individuals to effect social change, we invest in individuals whose ideas can improve the well-being of vulnerable youth. We believe that, with support, individuals can identify, develop, and disseminate innovative solutions to problems in large public systems that serve these youth, such as juvenile justice, child welfare, education, and health.

However, we fully appreciate that uniting research and innovative ideas with action and implementation is difficult.  Our fellowships are therefore designed to:

Invest in vision and ability

Sustained positive change to the systems that affect the well-being of vulnerable children and youth takes vision and ability. For this reason, in selecting Stoneleigh Fellows, we seek accomplished professionals who bring creativity, experience, and a focus on results to their work.

Provide time

To design and test the kind of innovations that will have long-term impact, individuals need to be free from the demands of a regular job. They need multiple years of support to delve into entrenched problems. For this reason, the fellowships have flexible terms and levels of support.

Cultivate the next generation

In time, the fields of juvenile justice, child welfare, education, and health will need a new generation of leaders. For this reason, we offer the Emerging Leader Fellowship, recent college graduates with an interest in these areas and in social policy research.

Build a community of innovators

As our community of fellows grows over time, we will support them to work together so that their different perspectives and work experiences can inform and enrich program outcomes and public policy.