Candace Putter, MSS, LCSW


Candace Putter spent her career working tirelessly for vulnerable young people.  She worked for years at St. Gabriel’s Hall, a residential placement facility for adjudicated young men.  It was during her time there that she realized that youth too often left the facility without making a successful transition to school or meaningful employment.  In 2008, Stoneleigh awarded Candace a three-year Stoneleigh Fellowship to establish the Pennsylvania Academic and Career Technical Training Alliance (or PACTT)—an alliance of juvenile justice facilities voluntarily committed to improving education and training services.  Candace’s pioneering work lives on, as PACTT currently operates within Pennsylvania’s Bureau of Juvenile Justice Services and has more than 50 affiliates across the state.  

Candace passed away in September of 2016. She will be remembered by all as an advocate dedicated to improving the world around her.  When asked about her commitment to fighting for social change, she replied, “I’ve always had a strong sense of right and wrong. Even as a young person, if something felt wrong, I was against it and felt I had to do something about it. I just keep trying to make things right and I refuse to be ignored.”  Candace will be greatly missed by all who knew her.

Meet the Fellow

Candace Putter spent her career working to improve the lives of troubled teens. Her fellowship, Pennsylvania Academic and Career/Technical Training (PACTT), succeeded in creating a collaborative, cross-system, and multi-jurisdiction initiative to address factors that hinder delinquent youth from succeeding in school and obtaining employment once they are released from out-of-home placement.

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