Jody Greenblatt, JD


Jody Greenblatt has a significant record of working with the child and youth serving systems in Philadelphia. As a consultant for the Southeast Regional Office of Children, Youth and Families, she was responsible for developing and implementing policies governing the Department of Public Welfare's licensing of county child welfare agencies, residential facilities, foster care facilities and adoption agencies. Jody also developed an interpretive guide of child welfare regulations and provided training for the staff of the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare. Additionally, Jody worked as a juvenile master presiding over truancy and child welfare hearings. Prior to her fellowship, Jody was a Law Clerk at the Court of Common Pleas, Family and Criminal Divisions.

Jody understands that school violence can lead to a wide array of negative health outcomes including depression, anxiety, and other psychological problems. She has a passion for prevention approaches that work and that can be integrated into large public systems. She is well aware of the challenges in developing a school safety and climate strategy for the Philadelphia School District. Jody also knows that violence in schools is more than just numbers. Students, teachers, parents and whole communities are affected and feel the impact of unsafe schools. Thus, Jody is determined to provide a safety strategy that is a coordinated and collaborative effort. She understands the importance of obtaining the buy-in of multiple stakeholders to create safe learning communities in every school and as a product of the Philadelphia school system she is deeply committed to its success.

Jody is a graduate of Central High School and received her JD from the University of Michigan Law School and undergraduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania, where she graduated cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in sociology. Along with her experience in the Court of Common Pleas, Family and Criminal Divisions and the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare, Jody has worked for the City of Philadelphia Law Department. Jody was also the president of Concern for Health Options, Information, Care and Education (CHOICE) and was the recipient of the Next Generation of Leadership: Rising Star 2008 award given to her by Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown.