Testimony on Pennsylvania's Application to the US Department of Education

In testimony to the United States Department of Education on March 14, 2011, the Education Law Center cited the 2009-10 study conducted by Arley Styer, Stoneleigh Junior Fellow, on the education of children in Pennsylvania's residential placements and group homes.  Key findings of her study included:

  • 71% of youth surveyed reported that they attended on-site schools;
  • Over 62% of child welfare professionals stated that clients were “refused” enrollment by public schools while 30% of providers reported this conduct;
  • 52% of caseworkers reported that the curriculum at on-site schools was not grade-level appropriate. Qualitative data indicates that the education provided by on-site schools is often limited in instructional hours, relies heavily on worksheets, is far below grade level, fails to advance basic skills, and is not geared towards keeping students on track to graduate.
  • Approximately 50% of youth surveyed reported that they were taught in a classroom with children of varying ages/abilities;
  • 37% reported that they were taught in a classroom with students “around” their own age; and 12% reported that school consisted “solely” of independent worksheets.

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