Stoneleigh Announces Board Changes

Laurence Steinberg, PhD, was named new member of the Stoneleigh Board in June 2011.  Dr. Steinberg, the Distinguished University Professor and Laura H. Carnell Professor of Psychology at Temple University, has headed the MacArthur Network on Juvenile Justice and served on the board of the Juvenile Law Center. His work showing that the teen brain is not fully developed and is more susceptible to rewards-driven behavior was instrumental to the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2005 ruling in Roper v. Simmons that abolished the death penalty for juvenile offenders. Dr. Steinberg has a passion for juvenile justice reform and is a welcome addition to the Stoneleigh Board.

Dr. Steinberg was nominated to the Board by Stoneleigh Foundation founding board member Frank Furstenberg, PhD, who is cycling off the board.  Dr. Furstenberg's service to Stoneleigh has been invaluable and he will continue to be involved with various aspects of Stoneleigh's ongoing work.  Stoneleigh thanks Dr. Furstenberg for his commitment to the foundation and for all he does to improve the life outcomes of vulnerable children through his research and scholarship.