Remembering Diana Aubourg Millner

It is with profound sorrow that we announce that our Senior Program Officer, Diana Aubourg Millner, passed away on August 12, 2015. Diana was a remarkable individual, who worked tirelessly to improve the lives of the least fortunate in our community. She was highly regarded by everyone who had the good fortune to meet and work with her. We at Stoneleigh grieve for the loss of a beloved friend and a valued colleague.

Diana is survived by her husband Marlon Millner, and her two children, E.J. and Imma. Her full obituary, published in the Philadelphia Inquirer, can be accessed here.

A website has also been created by Diana's family and friends to provide a place to share remembrances of her.  Feel free to share your own memory of Diana at  The family has also established a memorial fund for the benefit of her children and asked that we share related details for those who have expressed interest in contributing.  Information can be found here.

Diana has touched the lives of so many of us with her gentle yet steadfast commitment to the rights of all others and her belief in the power of authentic an advocate, a colleague, and a friend. 
Darlyne Bailey, Stoneleigh Board Secretary

She was brilliant, passionate about social justice, and key to any success I experienced.
Gregg Volz, Former Fellow
She has been such a wonderful advocate for all we wish to serve.  Her commitment to her work and to her family was extraordinary.  We can honor her by carrying on the marvelous dedication she had to the ones who needed her help the most. 
Carole Haas Gravagno, Stoneleigh Board Chair
I feel so grateful to Diana for her advice, insights, and professional support -- and for her friendship. 
Naomi Goldstein, Fellow
Diana was one of the most generous and pure people I've known.  I feel tremendous gratitude to have known her. 
Maggie Eisen, Former Fellow
Diana was deeply vivacious and greatly captivating.  I have such positive memories of her smile and her wise words.
Marnie Kaplan, Former Fellow
Working with Diana has been a tremendous blessing for me both professionally and personally.  I will never forget her warm personality and consistent encouragement.  
Ashley C. Sawyer, Fellow
Diana was such an important part of our work at Common Justice—in the moments of deepest doubt and deepest joy, she walked with us with an unparalleled clarity of heart and generosity of spirit.  I’m grateful for every day she was with us.  We are better for it and will be for a long time.
Danielle Sered, Former Fellow
Diana was an incredible mentor and friend to me. She allowed me to see the power of my work, and continued to be a guiding light and support even after my fellowship... She was ever-ready to lend her support and her brilliance to help me bring my ideas to fruition, and she assisted me in navigating spaces that were unwelcome and uncomfortable. I take comfort in knowing that we can remember her as having such a huge impact in such a short time. 
Maheen Kaleem, Former Fellow
Diana was an amazing woman – very strong, strategic and a true heart for justice. 
Romana Lee-Akiyama, Director of Grantmaking and Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives, WOMEN'S WAY
Even in my short time knowing Diana, it was so clear that she had such a profound impact on so many, including myself. I learned so much from her and admired not only her dedication to this work, but also her grace and brilliance in the face of its complexity. 
Leigh Wilson, Former Fellow
Diana was a passionate and committed advocate for children, which was reflected in her incredible leadership in Philadelphia, nationally and internationally. She was also a beloved wife, mother, colleague and friend and will be greatly missed.
Michelle Weemhoff, Youth Transition Funders Group
Diana stands out as a shining light for children – an advocate, collaborator, and wise and loving presence.  
Sarah Martinez-Helfman, Executive Director,  Eagles Youth Partnership
Diana was a wonderful and passionate advocate for children and youth, a wife and mother and a friend.  She had a remarkable career, always working on behalf of those she believed deserved fairness, respect and the opportunity for reconciliation.  As a Stoneleigh Board member, I know we will miss her enthusiasm, energy and her commitment to social justice. 
Paul DiLorenzo, Stoneleigh Board Member
Diana was one of my role models, and she will always be. 
Symone Corbin, Former PYN Intern