Philadelphia Citizen: Dr. Ted Corbin's Healing Hurt People Program

The Philadelphia Citizen has republished an article from SafeKidsStories about former Stoneleigh Fellow Dr. Ted Corbin's innovative trauma care model, Healing Hurt People. 

Approximately 1.5 million people are treated annually in a U.S. emergency room for violence-related injuries. Within five years of being discharged from the hospital, 45 percent of severely wounded victims will be re-injured; and close to 20 percent will be dead—that’s 300,000 who do not survive a second violent encounter.

These emergency room patients are suffering from more than just physical trauma. Devastated psychologically, they are caught in a cycle of violence largely ignored by the medical and justice systems. Discharged from the hospital, they are left alone to deal with the aftermath of disaster. That’s why Dr. Ted Corbin, himself born and raised in Philadelphia, designed Healing Hurt People—now in five local emergency rooms—to address the gap between the physical and the psychological treatment of victims of violence.

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