Numbers increasing of children and youth in Pennsylvania and in United States who experience homelessness

(Source: People's Emergency Center)

The number of children and youth in Pennsylvania and in the United States who experienced homelessness has increased over the past three years according to the National Center for Homeless Education’s annual report Data Collection Summary for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth Program released in October 2013. 

This report summarizes this report and the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s Education for Children and Youth Experiencing Homelessness Program 2011-12 State Evaluation Report to provide state-specific data that matched the categories in the national report. This allows this PEC Policy Brief to compare Pennsylvania’s homeless students with students nationally.

PEC summarized these reports to provide this information to policy makers and practitioners in the education and housing emergency systems that play a role in the education of students who experience homelessness.  Read the full PEC policy brief here.