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Child Well-being in Philadelphia: Profiles of Children, Families & Fathers

The Philadelphia Strong Families Coalition (PSFC), chaired by Stoneleigh Fellow, Dr. Rufus S. Lynch, completed a landmark project, focusing attention on the well-being of Philadelphia’s children and the crucial role of fathers in the family-child well-being paradigm.

Health Coverage and Care for Youth in the Juvenile Justice System: The Role of Medicaid and CHIP

"This brief provides an overview of the health and mental health needs of girls and boys in the juvenile justice system and the role of Medicaid in addressing those needs.

Fostering Resiliency in African-American School-Age Boys Experiencing Homelessness

The People's Emergency Center released in April 2014 "Fostering Resiliency in African-American School-Age Boys Experiencing Homelessness", written by Stoneleigh Emerging Leader Fellow Leigh Wilson.  The report compiles various research to better understand race, gender and housing issues as it relates to African American boys and the services available in the community.  Read the executive summary and the

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  • Youth on Probation: Bringing a 20th Century Service into a Developmentally Friendly 21st Century World

    Principles of adolescent development have accelerated positive changes to the juvenile justice system. These changes have been most pronounced in reducing reliance on incarceration and in approaches to sentencing of youth tried as adults. While juvenile probation has made some developmentally friendly adjustments, it remains an area that is fertile for reform.

    Beyond Offender and Victim: Toward a Humane, Event-Centered Language for Talking about People Involved in Crime and Violence

    Language used by Common Justice "to describe the person who survives harm and the person who causes harm."  Read more.

    Education Resource Guide

    Former Emerging Leader Fellow Steve Lainez, with key local community stakeholders in Eastern North Philadelphia developed the Eastern North Philadelphia Resource Guide for parents, students, school personnel and nonprofits.

    A Snapshot of Juvenile Sex Offender Registration and Notification Laws: A Survey of the Unites States

    Co-authored by Stoneleigh Fellow Nicole Pittman, this publication is a substantive survey of the current state of the Adam Walsh Act: Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (SORNA) across the United States.  Read the entire document here.

    Raised on the Registry: The Irreparable Harm of Placing Children on Sex Offender Registries in the U.S.

    An 111-page report published by the Human Rights Watch resulting from the investigation conducted by Stoneleigh Fellow Nicole Pittman as a Soros Senior Justice Advocacy Fellow from September 2011 to March 2013. The report "details the harm public registration cause for youth sex offenders." Read the full report here

    Supporting the Needs of Students Involved with the Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice System in the School District of Philadellphia

    A PolicyLab report that showed the extent of child welfare and juvenile justice involvement of high school students in the Philadelphia School District.

    Numbers increasing of children and youth in Pennsylvania and in United States who experience homelessness

    (Source: People's Emergency Center)

    The number of children and youth in Pennsylvania and in the United States who experienced homelessness has increased over the past three years according to the National Center for Homeless Education’s annual report Data Collection Summary for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth Program released in October 2013. 

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