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By Christopher Abreu | May 16th, 2012

It's common knowledge that if we don't give our youth a safe environment to learn, then the tragedies we fear are bound to happen.

Darnell "Dynasty" Young, a 17-year-old high school student at Arsenal Tech High School in Indianapolis, was expelled from school for bringing a stun gun to protect himself from bullies who would constantly harass him for being gay. Darnell's mother gave him the stun gun because the school refused to intervene, causing him to be the victim of name calling and physical abuse for over three years.

By Rufus Lynch | Jun 15th, 2012

I for one care! I believe the presence of fathers matter, not only to their children, but their families, and communities as well. In that regard, I am committed to formal family formation by men wanting to start families by having children, and the reunification of men who are already fathers but have been estranged from their children and families.

By Gregg Volz | Jun 18th, 2012

Beginning last winter, I was assisted by several volunteers: lawyers, social workers, law students and an eighth grade teacher, as we struggled against great odds to teach 25-30 eighth graders to operate a youth court. Each Thursday morning, we would enter the classroom as the students waited apprehensively for the lesson plan to begin. We wanted them to participate but often, many were not interested. The children were in an overcrowded classroom due to financial constraints.

By Justine Fowler | Jul 11th, 2012

During my time at Penn State Harrisburg, I had the opportunity to assist staff members on several research projects while I worked as a research and graduate assistant.  I had also written a thesis as part of the Master’s program requirements.  After these experiences, I was convinced that analyzing criminological data and researching justice issues was what I was truly passionate about.

By Diana Millner | Sep 17th, 2012

The Children's Defense Fund released the State of America's Children 2012 Handbook last month, an annual compilation of national data on child well-being, as well as its Portrait of Inequality which focuses on the state of the most vulnerable black and Latino children and youth in America.

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