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By Christopher Abreu | Apr 17th, 2012

No matter what your opinion may be regarding the topic of illegal immigration in the United States, one thing is true: children are suffering.

By Christopher Abreu | Apr 24th, 2012

The Philadelphia Inquirer published a heartbreaking story today about the death of Khalil Wimes.The article, titled 'How city agencies failed to save 6-year-old Khalil", provides a haunting description of the horrific abuse that Khalil suffered at the hands of  his biological parents, Floyd Wimes and Tina Cuffie.

By Gregg Volz | Jun 18th, 2012

Beginning last winter, I was assisted by several volunteers: lawyers, social workers, law students and an eighth grade teacher, as we struggled against great odds to teach 25-30 eighth graders to operate a youth court. Each Thursday morning, we would enter the classroom as the students waited apprehensively for the lesson plan to begin. We wanted them to participate but often, many were not interested. The children were in an overcrowded classroom due to financial constraints.

By Steven St. Vincent | Jul 23rd, 2012

As a nation, our laws are generally very thorough and comprehensive.  Anyone who has ever tried to file taxes on their own knows this all too well.  Our laws are particularly comprehensive when it comes to our children.  We have laws mandating what immunizations a child must receive; when, where, and how often a child must go to school; and laws limiting child labor. 

By Joelle Ruben | Aug 15th, 2012

Every day in Pennsylvania, child welfare professionals gather and assess information to make critical decisions about the commonwealth’s youngest citizens. Shouldn’t we similarly expect policymakers, who establish the guidelines for child welfare professionals, to base their own legislative proposals on data and experience instead of emotion and conjecture?

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